XAPT performs several successful Rollout implementations every year, hence, it has a unique knowledge and experience on the market.

Bundy Refrigeration Ltd.

The implementation in Hungary was performed by the internal team of the Italian mother company. XAPT consulted with them about presence in Hungary during the process. The project was focused mainly on finance, accounting, logistics and manufacturing.

Case study

CPI Hungary (Ablon)

In the framework of the Rollout at CPI Hungary the customer requested support from our company already regarding the project module as well. Taking into account that they had no adapted developer capacity for the task, an important part of the development was performed by XAPT (for example, configuring six banking interfaces).

Brinkman Hungary Ltd.

Richard Fritz Műanyag és Gumi Autóalkatrészeket Gyártó Kft.

Alpla Műanyag Csomagolóipari Kft.

Magyar Hangszórógyártó Kft.

Manuli Fluiconnecto Kft.

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